Parallel Parking Mathematics - Attempt 1 (Dec 15, 2009)

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A demonstration of the mathematics behind a somewhat widely publicized story British Mathematician Perfects Parallel Parking (Dec 15, 2009).

Drag the sliders to vary each parameter. Press the pause button in the lower left corner to stop animation.

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Three applications of the Pythagorean Theorem confirm this equation.


  • Center of rotation lies on the same line as the rear axle.
  • Curb-to-curb turn radius r is the distance between the center of rotation and the center of the outer front tire's outer wall.
  • Protrusion of turned front tires beyond rectangular perimeter of car is negligible.
  • Tire outer walls are flush with side of car and will end up flush with curb when in parked position

Jerome A White, December 15, 2009, Created with GeoGebra